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Are you living your best life?  Or are you in crisis? We have a mountain of disease and it keeps growing.   Are you overwhelmed– don’t know where to turn?   How many different diets have you tried, or how many doctors’ visits left you underwhelmed or confused?

Hello there– my name is Mary and I am so glad you are here.  My family too has suffered from chronic disease, as we all know someone who is sick or on medication.   I decided to end the madness and take my health back into my own hands.   Life in Harmony was built with that sentiment.   Education, enlightenment, support and community will help us find our harmony– our balance.   It is possible.   Join us today to start your journey.   I can’t wait to meet you!

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Healthy &
Delicious Recipes!

One of the most exciting things about
changing your diet is trying out new recipes.

Insightful Articles

Insightful articles written to teach, inspire,
and encourage you on your journey.

Interactive Learning

We have a variety of courses to help inform you
and guide you on your health journey.

The Pillars of
Life in Harmony


What you choose to eat either restores the body or breaks down the body. It is important to educate yourself to make the best decision for your health.


Getting out into the world and participating in the world and taking charge of your life is a big contributor to your health.


Your support structure and the people you surround yourself with dictate your success.


The thoughts you create make you what you are today. Learning to understand and control the nature of your thoughts and emotions restores your health.

Lifestyle plans to guide you

Healthy Living Courses to educate you

Support Forums to encourage you

Family Recipes that make healthy easy

And so much more to inspire you


Online Learning

Life in Harmony knows that knowledge is the beginning of understanding how to make healthy lifestyle changes. We have a variety of courses to help inform you and guide you on your health journey. Whether you want to learn about the benefits of drinking more water or understanding how to reverse diabetes, we have you covered.


Delicious Recipes!

One of the most exciting things about changing your diet is trying out new recipes.  We won’t recommend a dish that isn’t both delicious as well as super healthy for you. Check out the variety of recipes we have including some delicious desserts!



Be inspired and come together around the insight my guests have to share with you.
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What My
Clients Say

Mary is very authentic in sharing her journey and a true light in the health world! if you are looking to transform your health, Mary is the lady to see 🙂
I’ve learned so much from Mary! She really does all the hard research and finds the truth about foods and our bodies. 5* highly recommend!
Mary can help with any health problems... very patiently explains all you need to know and do! Love her positivity and endless encouragement! Highly recommending her programs!!
Mary is truly amazing! She is so incredibly inspiring! She has a wealth of knowledge! She will get you on the healthy path you have been looking for emotionally and nutritionally!

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