5 Super Healthy Reasons to Start Juicing

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Juicing has become a popular method of quickly improving health, and for good reason.  Many of you may be curious to undertake juicing as we renew ourselves in the new year so I want to share more about it with you.  When I talk about juicing– it’s vegetable juice!  Drinking orange juice or juice that is mostly fruit is dangerous for your health and I do NOT recommend it.  So let’s talk more about the almighty vegetable and what it can do for you– FAST!

The most important  part of juicing is of course WHAT you choose to put in the juicer.  Vegetables are the optimal choice for juicing. It is better to eat the majority of your fruits as intact foods, because the fiber in fruit keeps blood sugar at a normal level.   I prepare my juices with only one fruit per recipe. I recommend 80 percent vegetable minimum, with only lemons and granny smith apples if you have a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes or cancer.    Fruits have amazing health benefits so adding them sparingly brings a hint of sweetness and health value without the sugar rush which causes inflammation and encourages tumor growth and cell reproduction.  

Five Great Reasons to Start Today

  1.  Fast nutrient absorption.  
  2. Reduces disease in the body.
  3. Boosts the immune system. 
  4. Clears the skin.  
  5. Stabilizes your blood sugar.  

Juicing Adds Nutrients to YOU immediately

According to Nest and Glowyou will digest a juice in 15 minutes.   That means you are ingesting all the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals of all those veggies in record time.   It is really important that you dring vegetable juice so that you don’t negate the benefits of your juicing, so think beets, carrots, parsley, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, and the like.   Add only one granny smith apple, a mandarin orange or a lemon to keep the sugar at bay. I give you a complete course in how to juice and an entire protocol so that you know what to juice, how to juice and when you should drink your juice!  You can check it out here.

Afraid that you can’t do it?   Do you think it is extreme or really out there in la la land?  Don’t worry!   You can start juicing anytime, anywhere and the equipment can be really affordable.   Start thinking about how you WANT to feel, and I promise, juicing can help you get there.   Would you like to feel like you are twenty years old again?   Juicing gives me energy all day long, and that’s because of all the healthy stuff gets to your cells super fast

Juicing can help control disease in the body

Juicing is a great way to reduce your inflammatory factors.   There is a strong link between inflammation and chronic disease.  When you add lots of nutrition to your system, you will create a barrier to disease.   What is so great about juicing is the flood of fast nutrients.  Check out this great article on the reduction of disease noted by a UCLA study.  And I will tell you, when you start juicing, you just have a greater sense of well-being.   You are going to feel fantastic.

Type II Diabetes, tumor reduction, insulin resistance, autoimmune disease, and obesity can all be positively affected by juicing daily.  Even cancer can be positively impacted by juicing, as seen here in this informative article by the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.

Juicing Boosts the Immune System

Antioxidants rid the body of inflammation.   Meats and dairy can colonize unhealthy bacteria in the gut.   These foods increase inflammation, so more antioxidants are needed to rid the body of its toxic load when these foods are consumed.   What’s your daily diet like?   How often do you get sick each year?   AND do you have a more serious diagnosis?   Are you suffering with a cancer or autoimmune diagnosis?  All of these diseases and illnesses are tied directly to the immune system.

All the antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals in vegetable juicing are immediately available.   You are flooding your body with good stuff.  This scholarly article really delves into the changes in the microbiome with the addition of juicing.   It is so amazing when you FEEL great and your body is doing the important work of keeping you healthy.  Reduce inflammatory foods such as meat, dairy and processed wheat foods and add some vegetable juicing in your daily routine to start growing the healthy microbiome you need to protect you and keep you healthy for years to come.

Juicing makes you happy

Start Juicing to Heal Your Skin

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium and Vitamin E are critical to your skin health.   Guess where to find them quickly and easily?  Yep.  Get juicing everybody!  Joe Cross is famous for healing himself through juicing.  You may be familiar with him in the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.    He really talks about eliminating dairy as part of your healing regimen and it is just totally true.   This is the very first thing I recommend to all my clients.   Ditch the dairy for perfect skin, add juicing to boost your health and give your skin that perfectly youthful glow.  

Remember that improving your diet by adding juicing, plenty of intact fruits and vegetables, mostly raw, drinking between 2-3 quarts of water a day and eliminating dairy will totally transform your skin.  Juicing just helps you get there faster.   What you eat every day deeply impacts your health and your overall mood.   You will look better and feel better.

Vegetable Juicing Will Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

So to keep your blood sugar from bouncing all over the place, you must understand that a juicing regimen must be vegetable based.  If you are diabetic, then you must be very careful to only juice low carbohydrate vegetables.   I never recommend juicing fruits since it raises blood sugar quickly, and that will raise inflammation in the body and give you a sugar crash.   

Low starch vegetables such as kale, celery, and cukes and low glycemic fruits like green apple and lemon are what you need to juice if you have a chronic disease such as Type II Diabetes or cancer.  Here is a fantastic article on how to juice if you are diabetic.   We can guide you here at Life in Harmony on how to juice properly, and I would suggest meeting up with a professional like myself to learn more about how to stabilize your sugars.   You can get a fantastic deal HERE to get going today.  Vegetable juices can be an integral part of a healthy diet, but education is key.   

Join our Juicing Detox Course Today

Why wait any longer?  Are you ignoring your health?  Or are you frustrated because you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING???   Remember that it is a step by step process to heal.  Taking on too much to fast will just lead you back to frustration and failure.   What’s great about juicing is that you can incorporate it in small steps every day.   Taking back your health doesn’t need to be a big production full of recipes. lists and counting.  It is one small, simple task that you implement daily.

What are you waiting for?   Get started with me today.   A fresh start is waiting for you.   Comment below and get started with our course now, so that you can have all the benefits of a healthy diet right here, right now.

Take advantage of our offer of a free consultation with me and our juice course for an amazing price of just $57.   Be successful today.   Let’s get going together!

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