What about ego?

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The importance of being self-centered

Ego:  A person’s sense of self esteem or self importance.  My question to you and of course to myself is, how much of that self esteem or self importance is tied to someone else?  Your children, your partner, your work?

What happens if you lose one of these facets of your life?  Do they define you?  One of the things that seems to be the hardest for women especially, is when their children grow up.  Their sense of identity is lost or seems impossible to shift.  When people retire, both men and women, some feel adrift.

The outside world can define us if we let it.  Self-esteem and self-love come from within.  I am amazing and beautiful and wonderful on my own, and I can add to that mother, wife, friend, caretaker, companion.  I am beautiful because I AM.  And kind reader, so are you.  Our own intrinsic value is lost on a great deal of us in the crazy world of today.  Our personal values lie outside of ourselves– and we look to others to validate us.

Our fulfillment comes from ourselves.

Did I fulfill that person’s needs?  Did I do good enough work to get noticed?  Do I matter enough that others like me?  NOW is the time to pick yourself.  Believe that you are good enough for YOU.  Self acceptance.   Not acceptance by others.  My task for you– one that helped me understand my personal value– for I believed I had none, is to go to the mirror.   Can you gaze at yourself?   Truly?   That is the first step.

Go to the mirror and proclaim to yourself “I love you.”   This was the biggest step I ever had to take.   I didn’t think I could do it.  But then I did and the wall began to crumble I had built for myself.   I began to see that my thoughts (corrupt ones) built that wall brick by brick.  

Self esteem, self importance comes from within.  Do you value yourself, just as you are?  Get to that mirror and begin the process today.   It changes everything.   It allows you a new pathway inside, where that beautiful soul lives.  Let’s start creating that love affair today.  Just create today with the words “I love you” to the most important person in the room– you.

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