The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

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Raw food is becoming more popular as more people are discovering the benefits of a clean diet.   Incorporating raw foods into your diet is THE number one way to detoxify and create a lean, healthy body.   And the best part of it is that it is easier than you might think. If you enjoy eating fruit, you have just incorporated a raw food into your daily routine.  Eating an apple for breakfast or afternoon pick me up is a great start to raw.  It’s that easy!

I just have to sing the praises of a raw diet because it significantly changed my life. It’s almost like I don’t recognize who I used to be.   I was exhausted all the time.   It seemed like my weight crept up little by little and before I knew it, I was 40 pounds overweight.  I hated the way I looked and shape wear and big clothes were all I had in my wardrobe. Most of all, I was in constant argument with myself in my head.   I felt depressed and stagnant and thought I was destined to be unhappy the older I got.   But everything changed when I learned about whole food plant based diets and the benefits of raw plant foods.  

Now I’m at a healthy weight; I never worry about what I eat; I am in great physical shape.  My medical test numbers are always spot on– and I feel and look great.  Raw food has been a big part of that.  And over time it became a habit and a way of life that I absolutely love!  So here are some of the most amazing benefits of going raw.

whole raw food

Some amazing benefits you will see by eating raw foods

  1.  It got me back into caring for myself.  It feels good to nurture and care for me, and consequently my family too.  Knowing that I am doing the right thing for me makes me feel better about me!   Our emotions really change for the better when we feed ourselves natural food.

  2. Going raw changed my taste buds.  Eating raw just a few times made me crave it.  We go into ultra-healing mode and our bodies say “Yes, please!”  And we feel great eating it!

  3. Disease wanes and our health returns.   I healed myself.  I lost weight, gained energy and stabilized my blood sugar.   I feel great all the time now and I look forward to creating beautiful meals for myself and my family.

  4. My budget got happy.  That may sound strange.  Eating raw actually changed my appetite so much that I started eating less, because now I was eating foods that nourished me and my body settled into the right amount of food for me.   Vegetables are not expensive.  Beans and fresh vegetables are incredibly budget friendly.

  5. I actually love to look at myself.   Conceited?  No!  Loving myself and happy in my own skin?  Yes!   Eating a diet that allows our body to heal and thrive changes the way we think.   It restores our balance and changes our outlook.   I can truly confess to being happy every single day.

lady who eats raw food

Don't let the terminology scare you!

Raw food can seem scary to start.   It is different than what you might be used to every day.   So my advice?  Start with what you know.  What vegetables do you already enjoy eating?  Start there.   Your taste buds will evolve and you will be more adventurous.  A new, interesting world will open up to you. Do you enjoy eating fruits?   Apples, pears, peaches, grapes, bananas…. the list just goes on and on!

To help you out– I will be posting a host of raw food recipes over the coming months and sharing my favorite resources to help you in your journey to health. Here’s one you can check out right now.  It’s a really cool and easy raw food adventure for you to try, so easy and delicious you’re going to be raving about raw! 

healthy chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Dream Cream

This is a beautiful recipe that incorporates healthy and delicious raw foods.  Yes!   Frozen can be raw!  Everyone loves ice cream, and here is a delicious chocolate treat for everyone!  You can switch out different types of nuts very easily, so just whip some up today!  Recipe adapted from

Read More »

We have great resources to help you get started

You may have raw food on your radar, or you may be brand new to this.  I want to share this great article I found on raw food so that you can dive in with more information and education.   Raw food may seem complicated or you might think that it’s hard to do, but I encourage you to start where you feel comfortable.  There’s always a great deal of information for you to choose from, and here is a great place to start.  Just click on the bar below for a quick easy read.

Finally, I encourage you to comment below and share this article with your friends and family so that we can all thrive together.   Join our Life in Harmony Group page on Facebook so you can have your questions answered and add to our discussions.  Remember that knowledge is your healing power and raw foods really bring life to us! 

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