Bone up–Just do it!

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It's New Year's Resolution crunch time.

Bone up.   Just do it.  Get the necessary information.  Make yourself stronger.   We have nerves of steel– we are doing this thing.  And then we fizzle.  

C – Can’t find the time.

L – Lacking a game plan to keep you going.

I – Ignoring your commitment and falling into old patterns.

F – Frustrated with lack of early results.

F – Forgetting why you started.


The world moves around us.  Things– experiences happen.  It becomes a matter of focusing on what is really important to you.  It seems like we start without visualizing the finish.  What’s important?  What’s your focus?

Consider your focus.

As you are in achievement mode, what are you focusing on, exactly?   Do you have the end game in your mind?   Do you know exactly what your life will look like as you manifest that goal?  We tend to be obtuse on purpose.  Is your goal specific?  Have you laid out direct plans to yourself on how you will achieve it, or do you want to “do better”? By just wanting to “do better”, we directly set ourselves up for failure.  

I just allowed life to happen for many years.  Years and opportunities just floated by.  My goals were just to get by.  Raise my kids.  Take care of my husband.  Go to my job.  And honestly I was miserable most of the time– just being.   Thinking that life just happened. 

Then I had challenges by which I could not accept the outcome.   My father in law died of pancreatic cancer.   My father had his second open heart surgery in ten years.   I began the search for answers.   And I found myself along the way.  I realized that I had to “bone-up.”  My goals became tangible.   I created purpose.  I created a mission.   I saw an end game.   I visualized what life would be like if I could serve myself and others.

I know now that I respected the goal.   I was willing to accept my tasks and goals as a stepping stone to a better place– a higher goal.  And that makes it easy to bone-up.   When we come from a place of service and respect, instead of self-loathing we can achieve.   We allow failure to lead us to the next success instead of contempt to hold us in the status quo.   So I ask you– what purpose does your resolution serve?  Can you see yourself there already?  Can you take one step at a time and one day at a time and be patient? Perhaps you know my mantra.   One day at a time.   Walk the walk and take responsibility daily.   But most importantly–Garner support for yourself.  Talk to your family and friends.   Talk to us!   Leave a comment.   What is your resolution?   What purpose and value does it serve and how are you achieving your goals?   We are here to support you every step of the way.

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