Busy isn’t productive.

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This is the famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing in Tokyo.

Have you ever taken the time to really ponder what “busy”
 means?  It seems to consume me on some days.  I feel like busy is the antithesis of work.  We keep ourselves occupied, but with what?

I seem to live on a precipice of too much to do.   Do you feel that way too?  Family life.   Work.  Social life.  Where do my needs fit into this equation?


So THIS is what I have been thinking about lately.   This is what I’ve been doing lately.  Taking out the busy and replacing it with the necessary.

In the morning when I wake, I prioritize my day.   I make an actual list of what must be done and prioritize.  By accomplishing this each day, I feel more productive and less pushed.   I know what needs to be accomplished and I can focus on those needs.

Busy appears when I have forgotten or veered away from my essential tasks.  Setting goals and intentions for the day has become critical.  Now I have a clear path and direction for my day.  I can be purposeful throughout the day and forget the hard work of busy.

How’s busy working for you in your life?  Start with a simple list each morning.  Prioritize your essential tasks and leave the lesser ones for another day.  Truly honor your time.   What can you feel good about accomplishing today?  Honor your commitments with honest thought.  Kick busy to the curb and welcome fulfillment.   Don’t waste any more time.   Find an old notebook.  Find a scrap of paper.  What is your most important task today?  Write it down and own it.   Forget busy.  What do you do in your daily life that fosters productivity and limits your “busy”?  Share with us in the comment section below.


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