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Travel together.  That’s what we get to do here.  We are finding a group of people that want to travel together.  We will keep adding more and more to the group as we grow ourselves.  

When we proceed together, we move in safety.  We have the ability to help each other.  No one falls in isolation.  That is a true pillar of health, not feeling alone.  As humans, we need each other.  Of course, inherently we are all part of the human condition, no matter where we reside on this earth.  

I attended the funeral of a man who was a dear childhood friend of my father– a cousin.   It is easy to see the caravan there.   The travelers in life stopped to rally around his widow.  Honoring a life and supporting our fellow man runs deep within us.  When death greets us, compassion wells forth.  It’s in our nature to connect, to care for others.

The caravan is our connections.  By making positive connections– by making a difference, we value our own lives and our own selves more.  It actually gives us a more defined purpose and lengthens  our own lives and strengthens our own health.

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I ask you, who’s in your caravan?  How can we support and help each other?  Do you need someone to really rally around you right now?  Perhaps do you see someone else in need?  Being our best and present selves brings out the best in all of us both physically and emotionally.  I ask you to take a look at your caravan.   How can you serve?  How are you being served?  Find a beautiful connection today.

Three things:

  1.  Forgive someone you harbor resentment against in your heart.

  2. Reach out to someone who needs a connection and a lift.

  3. Smile at a stranger.   Greet someone new.

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