CBD oil for cancer patients is intriguing

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The results of studies show much promise

 CBD oil is gaining more and more attention in the fight against cancer. I want to speak directly about hemp, which is fully legal in all states, as are all products derived from hemp.  CBD oil from hemp and CBD oil from marijuana are basically the same products, except that CBD oil from hemp is naturally low in THC and does not share the psychotropic qualities of marijuana.  This is what makes CBD products legal in every state.

There is a very interesting link between hemp, cannabanoids and cancer.  As I share with you the value of hemp, please make sure to consult with your doctor.  There’s an increasing number of doctors who are starting to prescribe CBD oil as part of their patient’s care plan.  Please make sure you are very clear about the what your intent is for your personal care.   With that plan in place, please note that CBD oil has been reported to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Pain Relief for Cancer Patients

CBD oil has been a pain reliever for centuries.

Depending on your personal situation, many people have been turning to CBD to relieve pain.  There are many reasons to try the oil–  if you suffer from arthritis, would like to lower inflammation, or perhaps you are recovering from an injury. But, its pain-relieving properties can also help with the pain associated with cancer.  It is not habit forming, and is a great alternative to opioids.  It has been proven to help with the pain of cancer itself, along with the analgesic properties of pain management associated with chemotherapy side effects.

Appetite Enhancement

It has been long established that cancer patients suffer from loss of appetite, whether from the disease itself or the side effects of chemotherapy.  CBD oil can help manage symptoms by stimulating your appetite. Nausea and a lack of an appetite are directly linked to chemotherapy and cancer treatments. 

 When using  CBD oil, many people find that they can reduce the effects of nausea and help the body want to eat, which means they’re getting the nutrients they need to function and heal.  Finding optimal nutrition when you have cancer is extremely important, so CBD oil may help you improve your appetite and help you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, which are integral in the fight against cancer

Keep weight loss at bay.

Weight loss can be a big problem as cancer progresses. Not only is cancer damaging your body, but the chemotherapy can have negative effects, too. As mentioned above, CBD oil has the ability to stimulate your appetite and may also help stave off the nausea that is often associated with chemotherapy.

So choosing to use CBD oil in cooperation with other dietary changes, such as eating smaller meals and adding smoothies to your diet,  can combat side effects and help keep your weight in balance.

Slow cancer cell growth.

I find it most exciting that CBD oil has the potential to slow the growth of cancer cells. Research has shown that CBD can actually slow down or stop the growth and spread of certain types of cancer cells, which could be a major breakthrough in cancer research.  I am excited to see what further research brings.  

CBD is not yet being prescribed by oncologists for this purpose. But there is a chance that as you use CBD to treat other symptoms, you’re also helping your body fight the growth of cancer cells. You may read the study by clicking the link at the end of this article.

The best part? CBD oil is absolutely affordable.

CBD oil is easy to purchase and can fit within most budgets, unlike pain medications that sometimes can’t be purchased without a prescription. If you don’t have insurance, the cost may be quite high and impossible to cover on your own.  And that is all part of an insurance plan where only certain medications can be prescribed. 

 With the affordability of CBD oil, you can decide what is best for you– and that is all about taking your health back in your own hands.  You can decide what is best for your budget and the efficacy of the product you choose.   This is not possible with pharmaceuticals.  The  beautiful part of this?  You don’t have to be in constant pain or fighting back nausea.  You can take control of your health and CBD is a viable and effective product to help you on your personal health journey.

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