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We run across many different choices– crossroads in our lives, and it’s all about our beliefs and experiences that shape our choices.  We all have to make hard choices in our lives.   So do we make these decisions from the head or from the heart?  Which would be more accurate?   This seems to be a common debate today.  I am a woman.   I live from the heart.   I believe that is where the truth emanates from.

The head can convince you of anything.  Quite often it’s our heads that talk our hearts out of a decision.  When we become tuned in to the heart, the crossroads is a lesser challenge.  We can put to reason many different incentives, but if the heart is not engaged, it is all for naught.  How many times have you heard “Her heart just wasn’t in it?”

Are you struggling with a decision today?   Put it to your heart.  Find the stillness around the problem, not the angst, not the unease.  When you find the quiet, or as some describe it, soul searching, the tranquil moment engaged with the decision process will find you the answer.  Peace, solitude and stillness are the attributes that are needed at the crossroads.   Then you become the problem solver.

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