Dog — a different meaning.

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To follow someone closely and persistently

Dog can be used as a verb. Dogged determination.  I feel like that persistent nature is how we achieve.   It’s not willpower.  Persistent as allowing the mistakes to propel us forward.   Willpower works until we give up.   Persistence means we go on in spite of and because of error.   So often we incorporate something new into our lives and it just doesn’t work. 

There's two main reasons new things don't stick.

It’s common sense really.  First of all, the new idea might have been something that wasn’t right for us at the outset, so we reject it.  It just doesn’t feel right.   Or reason number two, we fail and give up.  Persistence towards a reasonable goal can be our friend, our helpful companion.  

We must realize and accept that mistakes are part of our human condition.  When we accept that mistakes are a beautiful learning opportunity, dogged determination isn’t a bad thing.   It just means we hang on in spite of ourselves, because we want to, because it feels right.  The right path takes time– persistence– and enough love for yourself to pick YOU up, to lift yourself up even after mistakes.  

We have all been wrong.

We have all wronged others.  We have all wronged ourselves.  It’s what we do after that — that really really matters.  Have a persistent, dogged determination.   Be thoughtful to yourself.  Be caring to yourself.   Allow mistakes to lead you.  Grow.   You’re worth it!

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