Easy diet improvements for cancer patients

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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is really important to take a close look at diet.  Many, many studies have shown that a healthier diet high in plant-based foods with fewer animal products promotes overall health. We also know that this diet style helps to prevent cancer.  But these healthier diet choices can also help cancer patients feel better and help them better tolerate cancer treatments. There are also specific reasons these diets are useful for cancer patients, as evidenced in studies.

For example, studies have shown that dietary animal fat can negatively impact cancer survival rates. If you already have cancer, cutting back on animal fats could boost your survival time and life expectancy.

Also, studies have found that vegetarians and vegans have stronger immune systems than non-vegetarians. One study found nearly doubled immune cell activity in vegetarians as compared to people who ate meat. So,  a stronger immune system will help cancer patients fight off cancer cells.  There are many different studies establishing the positive role of fruits and vegetables in the overall health of humans.  When someone has cancer, it is more important than ever before to strengthen the immune system.  


Changes will need to happen.

Cancer cannot be eliminated from the body with the same lifestyle that created the cancer.  But before talking about specific foods, let’s talk about what’s important to eliminate.   High glucose can be a cause of cancer growth, so blood sugar should be maintained at a slow and steady rate.  Adding high fiber foods and eliminating processed foods is a must to keep blood sugar regulated.  Alcoholic beverages are also a lesser known sugary food, so all alcoholic beverages should also be avoided, including beer and wine.

Highly colored foods are the most important foods.

Take a look at the different colors of vegetables and what they mean as cancer fighters and health providers.

  • Red and Orange: High in Vitamin C.   Very good for the immune system and to fight off infection
  • Green: Leafy green vegetables are generally very high in iron.  Non-heme iron is not as easily absorbed, which means might have to eat more veggies, but you won’t have too much in your system, which can promote cancer growth.
  • Blue and Purple: Great source of anthocyanin which is a blue compound that makes blueberries blue and blackberries black.   It is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against cancer and heart disease, according to the University of Maine Cooperative Extension
  • White: White vegetables may seem bland, but they are powerhouses too.   Cauliflower and turnips contain rich amounts of compounds known as glucosinolates, which may provide some protection against cancer. Garlic and onions contain antioxidants called polyphenols, which may play an important role in managing chronic inflammation. White beans are valuable sources of protein and fiber, as well as B-vitamins, potassium and iron.

Okay! Start eating!

Now what to do with all this?   Start eating!!!!   The two recommendations I make for all my clients is salad and juicing.   The Perfect Day diet will be unveiled soon, where you can take all my recommendations and make them a natural part of your life, whether you have a diagnosis or just want to lose weight and feel better.  

I recommend a raw salad with a healthy nut based dressing and beans on top and at least one vegetable juice per day.    Also by eliminating animal products and processed foods, you reduce the toxic load on the body and create a healthy environment for the body to help heal you and reduce the difficult symptoms of chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.   If you would like more recipes, check out the recipe library, or if you would like to have more information on the perfect day, just comment below.  And just remember, fresh and raw is the answer to promote healing in the body, so go out and get some colorful fruits and veggies today.



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