Echo– What comes back to us?

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What is your message?

What comes back to us?  It resounds.   It confirms.  It reiterates.  But not always.  It’s the end of our statement.  It’s one word shouted emphatically and then returned to us.  What are you shouting out to the world?  What are you receiving back from it?  I used to believe that events just happened to me, that if I did what I was “supposed to do”, that the rest was just chance.  Or was I receiving what I was shouting? 

” I’m following all the rules!  I’m a good little girl!  I deserve to be rewarded. “

But here’s the catch.   I thought it was the actions that mattered.   Follow all the rules.   Keep up appearances.  Find perfection.   Don’t let anyone see what you really are.  I didn’t take into consideration the rules of the heart.

I’ve spent time now really working on the language of the self.  What am I thinking?  What are the patterns that emerge?  That’s the echo.  That’s the shout out that returns to me.  I’ve practiced thinking of myself as the beautiful person that I am.   And that is how I overcame it.   The perfectionism, the self loathing leaves with practice.   You see, I practiced the negative thoughts for most of my life, but now I practice the beautiful ones.   And things turn in the right direction.  And the key word is practice!  Being relentless on policing my terrible thoughts and replacing them, as a daily work in progress.  

I challenge you today.  Truly listen to your thoughts.  What’s going on in your mind?  It’s the critical part of your life that determines your happiness.   The adage is true– Happiness comes from within.

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