Essential oils for colds

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I am very bad at being sick.

I have often prided myself in my ability to avoid getting sick.   But then it happened.   First my husband, then my son and then my daughter and I were the last to succumb to some sort of cold.    So this post is all about relieving some pain and annoyance, and I use essential oils for that very purpose.   I am whiny and complaining and oils seem to shorten my sick time and help relieve congestion– so here’s how this goes in my house.


Eucalyptus for diffusing and steam Inhalation

So these are a little different from one another.   I suggest both.   For diffusing, of course follow the instructions for your diffuser model, but I use about ten drops of eucalyptus oil in my diffuser when I am sleeping and resting.   Steam inhalation is great to get some relief immediately.   I add about 5 drops of eucalyptus to a large bowl of hot water, put a towel over my head and let the steam envelop me.   It is easiest for me to heat water in a kettle, then I just pour, add the drops and breathe.

Tea tree oil for antiviral properties

I found that directly inhaling tea tree oil lessens the length of a cold.  There are two ways to accomplish this– directly in the palm of your hand or on a cotton ball.   

So I warm my hands and then add two drops of tea tree oil and then cup my hands around my nose and inhale.   I will do this as many as 6-8 times a day.   You can also put several drops on a cotton ball and place near your pillow or keep it close to you to take some sniffs!   I find it really helps.

Peppermint oil is my new best friend

There are countless articles and many other oils you can try to give you more comfort when you are under the weather, and I have to talk about one more that really soothes me when I am not up to par– and that’s peppermint.  You can easily diffuse peppermint oil and  a little goes a long way– and the room smells clean and fresh– kind of the opposite of how I feel when I am sick.  It is great to help you sleep too.   Just a few drops on the soles of your feet and it helps us relax.   Oftentimes when we are stopped up or coughing, sleep is disturbed.   The comforting smell of peppermint always makes me feel better,  and it has so many other uses as well, from soothing digestive upset to tooth and gum health.

Having some essential oils on hand is very inexpensive and an easy way to get some relief without the side effects of medications.   It is also important to note the soothing nature of oils and when we feel like we are caring for ourselves, our sense of well being improves, which gives our immune system a boost too.   

I suggest trying out the tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint single oils to care for a cold and cough.   For me personally I find that it has been more effective than the blends of oils that are available in the marketplace.   I have included a link below if you would like to check out the variety of high grade oils that I use personally with my family.   I hope you do not have to suffer through a cold with spring and summer upon us, but if you do, I hope these suggestions will help you feel better soon!

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