Exercise isn’t important

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Yeah.  I kinda got you there.  But it’s not the word I care about.   In today’s world, exercise implies a necessity of willpower, something that’s difficult and time consuming and for gym rats.  That’s not what I’m talking about.

We work more than ever.

We have more stressors than ever.  I was reading about hunter-gatherers as I research nutrition and modern lifestyle and how different their definition of work is than ours.  Ir’s a really cool article.  I have a link at the end of this post for you if you want to read it.  But you see, it’s not exercise that matters, it’s moving that matters.  Hunter gatherers see moving as fun.  They don’t have a connection to the word toil.   Their time is their own and they don’t specialize or compartmentalize.   They just do things together because they want to.   And that makes it more play than work.

We enjoy giving to others.

We all love to create and share with others.  We all derive enjoyment from a contribution we want to give.   The problem comes when we have a resentful approach.  We are meant to move.   We are meant to give freely and from the heart.  So to get up and go when it comes from within is not work or toil, it is play.  So let’s talk about movement as play.

Move, move, move.  So we make a big deal about exercise and sure it’s important, but I think moving is more important.  Exercise and movement can be viewed as the same thing, for sure a long time runner or biker values the exercise, but those folks are also enjoying their movement. So let’s talk more about the value of movement.

  1.  It makes us feel better, especially emotionally.  When we are out doing something we enjoy, it gives us a change in scenery and allows us a new perspective.  At my kids’ school, when students get restless, they go out to the side yard and jog a lap around the basketball court.  Awesome idea.  Refreshes them and allows them to get settled again.

2.  It improves our blood flow.  This of course helps every part of our body.  Moving our body helps revitalize cells and carry out waste and toxins.

3.  It encourages the flow of lymph.  This is a big boost to the immune system.   If you are suffering from a lifestyle disease, such as high blood pressure or type two diabetes, this can be a very big boost to your health.  The lymphatic system detoxifies us as it filters the waste in our bodies, so it refreshes us and lightens the load.

So many benefits just waiting for us!

There are too many benefits to count.  There are plenty of ways to move.   I have some unconventional and FUN ways to get out and go!   My next post spells out some great ways to move and enjoy it!  Maybe you can find a new way to get out and explore your world.  

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