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What does Fate actually mean?

It is often thought that life just happens to us, that fate brought us the events in our lives.  I think it’s odd that we can turn our actions over to an unseen force.  Depending on your particular faith, you may believe a higher power has a hand in your actions, but in the Christian faith at least, you have the availability to pull the trigger.  You are at the helm of your life.  

And so why would we believe that our life is a circumstance out of our control?  We may believe we are a victim of occurrences throughout our lives, but this relinquishes our control.  Being a casualty, a sufferer in life becomes a decision.  I know on the surface this can seem cruel but stay with me here.  Since our thoughts create feelings and feelings create action we put into motion the daily pulse of our lives.   Thoughts-feelings-actions create our own specific reality.  So the very essence of what we say and what we do comes from within us and that dictates ultimately what happens to us.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

So yes this begs the question– “Why do bad things happen to good people?”   And yes there are seemingly senseless death every day.   It is painful beyond belief.  We are emotional; we are love; we connect.  AND then to lost a part of this is so intense.  But I must humbly say that every facet of our lives has meaning.  The senseless death of my father-in-law from pancreatic cancer became my impetus for growing a community to make a difference for all others seeking answers like I have been over these past eleven years.  And so in this way it is not senseless anymore.  The pain and the heartache of losing such a beautiful person is still there, but now I have been deeply influenced by that experience.  I want to use it to serve the greater good.

This is a deeply complex issue, and a short blog post on it is not giving it its full due, but it does bring us powerful thought and intention.  If our thoughts, feelings and actions control our fate, we can ultimately decide how we want to view a situation.  We have the luxury of changing our fate by changing our minds.  I wholeheartedly believe this.  Our thoughts and actions, every one of them, create meaning.  Comment below if you would like to add to this discussion.   It is a difficult subject but one that deserves thought and conversation.  Much love to you all.

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