5 Ways Positive Thoughts Create Health

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Positive thoughts can be part of your everyday life.  All of us have automatic thoughts.  They are with us daily.   They were programmed into us from our observations as young children.   Most of the time we don’t even realize they are there.  They influence every decision we make.  The first way to understand how we are influenced is to recognize that they are there.  When a thought comes to you that you don’t like– one that goes against your purpose– start to dig in.   Where did it come from?  How did it get there?

There have been people in our lives that have given us perceptions about ourselves and the world around us that are untrue.  Our thoughts and actions create our reality.  Do your thoughts make you feel better or worse?  Does it serve your better purpose?

Positive Thoughts Create Positive Energy

Did you ever notice that when you are upbeat and thinking about good things that you actually feel good?  Thinking is the process of creating a thought.  It transforms energy into reality.  That energy can be positive or negative.  A positive mindset creates happiness and seeks out the affirmative.   Really– what you think becomes reality every single day.   

So I knew this guy– a really cool, smart guy who was one of my clients.   I was speaking to him about his health and his habit of soda.   He was consuming 20 cans of soda a day.   He said when he was a teenager he had nightmares about being so stiff as an old man that he would turn into a board in his dreams.   Now he is 75.   I think you know where this is headed.   He is indeed stiff as a board.  His fear created bad habits which led to the manifestation of his thoughts.   If we believe something will happen, then it is that much more likely to occur.    It’s the energy around the thought that creates the momentum and impetus in our lives.

So what happens when you practice the belief that you are not good enough?  If you constantly tell yourself that you have no value and are not worth the time and effort.  You have created that energy and practiced that thought until it becomes habit.  Is it true or did you just create that?

Positive thoughts create positive energy.  Period.   If you believe you can achieve, then you will.   How many times have you heard this?  It may seem at the outset to be a platitude, but if you ask the most successful people in their fields, they will tell you that they believed they could do it.   That thought was energy that manifested that reality in their lives.  Does it take work?  Does it take due diligence and constant consideration?   Of course.   That is how the energy is created.  So we have a choice.  Practice positive or practice negative.   And we are practicing.   Every thought.  Every day.


I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -- Bruce Lee

Positive Thoughts Create a Longer Lifespan

A new 2019 study suggests that we can actually create a longer life by living positively.  So what does that mean?  It actually means by practicing your positive thoughts, you will create health inside the body that will translate to lifespan.  Just think about the idea of the “sugar pill”.  There is a truth to placebo.  Every medical trial requires a placebo.   That’s because we as humans think, inherently, that if we believe something to be true, then it IS true to us.  If we believe our lives are vibrant and rich, then we will want to live longer, and that can translate into years of your life.  The other very interesting factor about our lifespan is that those that had a positive outlook on life also had a longer health span.   In other words, they were sick less and for not as long.

Just the idea of the placebo effect should give credence that our thoughts truly matter.   Is it such that we will only be positive thinkers all the time for the rest of our lives?   That would be unrealistic.   But those of us who can practice and integrate a more positive outlook on the world will manifest and create health actually within the body, and that is the power of positive thinking!

forward focus positive thoughts

Positive self talk creates a stronger immune system

So I read about an interesting study here.  It refers to 128 law students and how they perceived themselves.  These students filled out questionnaires that targeted how they valued themselves and judged themselves against others.   They were also injected with viruses– but dead ones.  The injection site would increase in inflammation or decrease according to the perceived stress in the students’ lives.   The net effect of the study was that it revealed that focus on the positive attributes in life can create a physical reaction in the body.  

Personally I believe that negative thought falls into the realm of personal safety.   If we believe something negative is happening to us, we don’t feel safe.   How can we possibly heal in an environment where we don’t feel secure?  This just seems like common sense, given that we need to solve a problem to get out of the negative situation.   But what if we just are living in that sense of thought constantly?   Then we are always on alert and never able to relax and allow the body to rejuvenate.   Turning our thoughts into a positive light brings us peace within and that is how our physical body can recuperate and fight off infection and disease.   It just makes sense that we should approach our daily lives positively so that our physical bodies can do the work of keeping us strong.

Positive thoughts create better social dynamics

We like to be around others who are positive.   It’s almost like we want to draw that feeling into ourselves.   So when we think positive thoughts ourselves, we attract others like us.   When we are not achieving our goals or need some encouragement, we always turn to others for help.   Working together and creating time and space together to achieve grows that friendship and our relationships are in a positive light as well.  And this grows health.   We all know accountability partnerships work.   Working together on a shared goal is inherently positive!  

I have heard that we take on the dynamics of others.  I even find myself picking up words and phrases that my friends often say.   I am encouraged by the positive attributes I see in others around me.  

” I want to have a work ethic like Sally.”
” I want to smile more often like Larry does.” 
“I want to be a more attentive parent like Doreen is.”
” I want to be more active and feel good like Daniel.”

  When we think positively and surround ourselves with others who also have a powerful and positive mindset, we also become that, and that creates an amazing social web that will hold us up even if negativity creeps in.   Our social dynamics are our safety nets and it’s great to think positively so that we attract others who also think creatively and powerfully good!  Here’s a great article on friendship and how we can use empathy and personal responsibility to bolster our personal relationships.,

Positive thoughts help your heart.

So of course positive thoughts lead us down the path to our strongest and sweetest emotion, love.  When we think of loving someone, we are happy and we feel fantastic.   We are breathing slowly and calmly and the world is a beautiful place.   So the positive thought of love or its lesser cousin empathy create a better state for us, and when we share it, the other person wins as well.   So what is the scientific basis for this?  Lowered blood pressure for one.   It’s hard to be upset when you’re in love!  We are in the parasympathetic state and we have a feel good hormone, acetylcholine, coursing through our veins.  Lowered heart rate, lowered breathing levels and easy digestion are all part of this parasympathetic state.   So good for us– reduced heartburn and gastric distress too. 

  When we are turned into a sympathetic state, which is the stressed out state, the opposite happens.  Definitely when we have a fight with a loved one or get angry at our boss or neighbor, we are not thinking with our heart.   We are thinking with our heads and that can usually lead us to trouble.   When the heart guides us, we are in that parasympathetic state and can make positive and rational decisions.  Sympathetic response turns on the release of cortisol and adrenaline and that damages the arterial system and can make us gain weight too.   It’s just so much better when we think with our hearts and remain calm and in love!  

Incorporate positive thoughts into your daily routine

Here’s a quick and easy list of ways to bring positive into your life:

  1. Believe you can achieve
  2. Direct and redirect your thoughts.
  3. Start the day with a positive thought.
  4. Forgive yourself.
  5. Turn your mistake into a learning experience.
  6.  Avoid the blame game.
  7. Instead of thinking of yourself as a victim, become a survivor.
  8.  Concentrate on your breath when you get upset.
  9.  Picture yourself in a good place or position.
  10.  Practice positive thoughts.   Make it a habit through daily practice.
These are just some really simple ideas on how to create a better life for yourself every single day.  For more ideas, check out this article on 100 ways to incorporate positive thinking into your life.  It really is easy to do once you decide to start doing it!   It becomes a habit because you practice it!  You can incorporate positive thoughts into every aspect of your life.   Start noticing what you are thinking and what you are saying, and you can bring a happier and healthier purpose to yourself and all those around you too.
  I personally surround myself with positive people because that aligns me with my purpose.   So come join us here at Life in Harmony so we can work on this together.   It is so awesome to be around like minded people and it keeps me on the path to happy and healthy every single day.

Did you get some inspiration from this article?  Share it with a friend or on your social media.  AND here’s another great one on creating change in your life– it all starts with a thought– a positive thought!!! Have the best day of your life, today and every day!

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