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We travel through our days just expecting our bodies to work.  I’ve been guilty of this most definitely,  especially when I was young.  So when things go wrong, sometimes we feel forsaken.

We see the results of other people’s work without fully knowing the time and effort it took to achieve and accomplish that work. But we don’t really know who “they” are.  Personally, I have been through the most complicated and relentless time in my life– so far.    I think I am just supposed to keep going, without taking time to recover and consider my physical and emotional needs.

If I never maintain my car, it will eventually stall.  But here’s the thing that’s congruent  with our physical bodies– our mental state.  You see the physical engine of my body has been fairly well maintained.  I follow the Perfect Day diet. 

It gives me loads of physical energy to go throughout my day.  

I exercise daily.  Weight training, walking, cycling or working in the garden.

But here’s where it gets dicey.  

I wasn't listening. I thought I could just ignore the signs.

My mental demands have run my batteries down.  The workload has been tremendous and I have placed my brain and body into overdrive without release.  In other words, I put the car into overdrive and never let off the gas.  Eventually there’s a burnout.

The driver of the car never eased up and now the engine seized.   My mind went AWOL and has forsaken me– it seems.  But I have no right to complain.   I saw it coming and took no action.   My body has been sending me a message for months and I said “Just one more day…”   for the last 60 days.  

Now I am forced to listen.  Here’s how I have chosen to handle this:

  • Bathe myself in love.  I am thanking my dear self for sending me this message.
  • Breathe.  Breathe throughout the day to center my mind.   I make it a practice to stop what I am doing and take the time to breathe slow and long breaths.
  • Quiet time in the mornings.   I write each morning, and afterwards I take five minutes to clear my mind and prepare for my day.   Keeps me grounded.
  • When I feel it is too much, quit.  The world will not stop just because I took a break.  Take a walk.   Play with my children.  Enjoy time with my animals or in my garden.   It is time to reconnect with being human.
  • Rest.  Period.

Do you incorporate any of these actions into your life? If so, take the time to love and congratulate yourself on your self love and self care.   If you’re feeling like I did, forsaken by your body– overworked or overwhelmed?

  Figure out where you can start.   Pick a task you can eliminate or a time you can rest.   Start with what works best– what is easiest to maintain and start restoring yourself.   Just like I did.   

Today I feel much better– rested and ready to work– at the right pace for ME.  One day at a time.  Comment below on your best stress reduction techniques AND    check out my course on How to Beat Stress Daily to understand more of how the body reacts to stress….

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