4 Amazing Benefits of Eating Salad

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The benefits of eating salad that have occurred in my own personal life are crazy good.   I have become a true salad nut and I teach a lifestyle that will always include salad and raw, living foods.   I got totally hooked on salad because of how good I feel.   Every Day.   Here’s the top four reasons I eat a salad every single day.

1. First amazing benefit of eating salad? Nutrient density is through the roof.

Everybody knows that salad is a health food.   But salad can be ultra powerful.  You can expect to have high levels of Vitamins A, C, as well as potassium and folate.  High nutrient density will create ultimate health in the body.   You can expect to feel fantastic and also reduce your risk for disease. Let’s break it down.

 Folate is a B vitamin that has been lacking in the Standard American Diet (SAD) and has now been added to food in the form of folic acid.   There are some concerns about the supplement folic acid, so why not just get it from nature, the way it was intended to be?   Folate is really important.  According to Medical News Today, it aids in the production of red and white blood cells in the bone marrow (think immune system) and also helps to convert carbohydrates into energy (think weight loss).

Vitamin A is important to keep the body functioning properly.   According to Healthline, it is used in the body to boost reproductive health, ensure proper functioning of your major organs and keep your vision sharp.  Vitamin C is an immune system powerhouse that will protect the body from illness.  It also protects us against cancer and curiously, it stops gout, which is a very painful affliction that we all want to avoid.

Potassium is a mineral that is crucial for the electrical functioning of the body.  Think about all the benefits of that feature alone.   We are electric beings and it is crucial for our nervous system!  Potassium also regulates metabolism and is a key factor in preventing kidney stones.  You can read more about potassium here in this comprehensive article.

2. Eating salads can help you lose weight. This is a benefit that we all want!

Eating a fresh and raw salad can help you lose weight.   Yes that is 100 percent true.  The low caloric load of fresh greens and all sorts of raw vegetables can do wonders for your waistline, and everywhere else too.   Lettuces and raw vegetables are naturally low in calories and very high in nutrients.   There’s lots of fiber in a salad and if you add beans to that, you will have consumed more fiber in one meal than most Americans get in a whole day!  

Here’s another really great benefit of eating salad.  The high fiber content and nutrient load will fill up your stomach and you will feel full and satisfied.  Our stomachs are basically little computers that constantly talk with our brains.  Your body knows what you are eating and you will respond very quickly.   When we eat high nutrient foods, our bodies go immediately into healing mode and satiety.   We will eat less and feel fuller, because it is natural to do so.  

It isn’t all about rabbit food either.   Salads can be hearty and generous.  This is one of the benefits of eating salad that people don’t necessarily recognize.  I load mine up every day with different vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds, maybe some refried beans and salsa or some roasted vegetables and chickpeas over the top.

The Perfect Day Lifestyle that I live by and teach my clients has taught me that a salad can be interesting every single day because there are so many different dressings, lettuces, vegetables, beans and nuts and seeds.   Variety and opportunity is everywhere!


benefit of salad increased by fats

3. The benefits of eating salad increase when you add healthy fats.

We have learned through scientific research that we had it wrong in the 80s and 90s.   Fat free is not healthy.   It has added to our obesity and chronic disease epidemic.   Fats are rich and make us feel full.   They help our brains and carry important nutrients in our bloodstream.   They lubricate our joints, keep our bodies warm and provide energy.   

When we add fats to our salad, we increase the nutrient bioavailability.   There have been a number of well composed studies on this and the evidence is strong.   Fat free salad dressings do not add value to your salad.   A fat free dressing with an avocado can be amazing!   Here is a quote from a study completed at Ohio State and published in PubMed:

“adding avocado fruit can significantly enhance carotenoid absorption from salad and salsa, which is attributed primarily to the lipids present in avocado.”

And this one from Iowa State:

“Essentially no absorption of carotenoids was observed when salads with fat-free salad dressing were consumed. A substantially greater absorption of carotenoids was observed when salads were consumed with full-fat than with reduced-fat salad dressing.”

There are a number of healthy fats that you can choose to put on your salad.  Nuts, seeds, avocados and olives are the best choices, because they are whole food sources.   Added oils are too calorically dense, because oils have been stripped of their natural fibers, and should be very limited.  Always use oil with caution, and stick to delicious whole food choices like walnuts, hemp hearts, cashews, basically any nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avocados and olives.

 I have gathered and composed a number of delicious nut based dressings that you can blend up for yourself that will add lots of health and vitality to your salad that are whole food based.   You can check them out in our recipe section at lifeinharmony.net.   Don’t be afraid of fats.   They really are your friend when it comes to salad.

4. The most amazing benefit of eating salad is that you become more satisfied and happier when you are properly nourished.

Believe it or not, there are studies being done that prove that salad actually improves your overall sense of well being and contributes to happiness!  What could be a better benefit than that?  I know I always feel better when I am eating right.   A short dose of sugar or junk will give me a quick jolt of pleasure, but it doesn’t take me long to suffer.  Inflammation rises in our bodies and we begin to feel generally bad.   This could lead to more serious depressive disorders as outlined in this study.   

As I was researching for this article, I came across an answer on Quora that I must share, but is not my own.   I just don’t think I could say it any better. I credit Michael Tran for this answer.   It really brings it all together:

“Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants repair cellular damage brought on by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress accumulates through metabolism or by just living. A body that functions efficiently or at its best will feel good. An unhealthy body will feel down—it’ll need more rest in order to repair itself.”

 “An unhealthy body will also be deficient in vital nutrients. The brain, where mood is generated, requires certain nutrients to function at its best. Nutrients are the building blocks for certain neurotransmitters. If the body lacks nutrients then the brain will lack nutrients and won’t be able to create “feel good” chemicals (serotonin and dopamine).”


Salad becomes a habit when you create your perfect day.

Here’s the best news of all.   You can create a life where salads and raw foods are the centerpiece of your life.   It takes daily steps towards positive change, and through daily adjustment and care, optimal health can come from these consistent habits.   Your body wants to heal.   We are meant to be in fantastic shape, and also we are meant to be happy.   Every single day should be a practice of healthy and happy.   Salads are a big part of our nutritional wellness.

If you would like to make lasting changes that bring you ease– and joy– consider The Perfect Day Lifestyle for yourself.   I am so glad I did it and I would never choose anything else but the best for me.   You deserve to live the best life ever and salads, the easiest and best of raw, living foods will bring you strength, vitality and mental clarity, for the duration of your lives!!!  

Go eat a salad today!  You’re worth it!  Join us in our private Facebook group to be inspired and to share in this beautiful lifestyle.   You can join right here:

Share this article with your friends and family if you loved it and were inspired.   Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.


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