Going against the Grain

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What does that mean exactly?  It refers to the splintering of wood when going against the natural direction.  This really says a lot, doesn’t it?

“To move against the natural direction.”

As a culture, as a people, how long have we been doing this?  Ultimately, isn’t this why we have become so unhealthy?  I look around everywhere and what I see is unnatural.  In nature there is a rhythm.   I see it plainly in my garden, on my hikes, anywhere that I am convalescing with nature.  I realize that we have become detached.

So what to do?  I believe recognition.   That’s all.  Once a person sees something, he or she cannot go back to an earlier perception.  Seeing is believing.  Another adage.   Once a person observes a new belief is created.  Through that new belief, that new thought, change can happen.   Small, incremental change.   Putting the new thoughts, new ideas together.   Looking out a new window.  


Seeing that we are disconnected from nature.  Recognizing that uniform fruits and vegetables in the grocery store goes against the grain.  Seeing that animals packed into cages and houses being grown only to die in abject misery goes against the grain.  Each and every beautiful human struggling with sick bodies from this culture of disconnect goes against the grain.  Peddling prescription medicines to prolong addiction and prolong personal responsibility goes against the grain.  

We are rich. We are vibrant.

We are intelligent.

We are creative.

We are part of this earth.

We are all artists.

 THAT doesn’t go against the grain.  THAT is love of the true human condition– one of ability, community and prosperity.  Our natural state.

Find a natural state today.   What is one thing today that can reconnect you to nature?   Find a moment for yourself and make today a beautiful day.



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