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Time.   That’s what seems to slip away from us.  Honestly I don’t know how I got here. 45 years.   Time slips away unnoticed.

We go through our daily lives, each day accumulating without being present in the moment.   Children are small, jobs are stressful, partners and spouses desire companionship. It just becomes one experience stacked on top of the next.

Age is a valuable and complex resource.  It brings thought, wisdom and complexity.   What we do with our hours wholly and completely shapes us.  Life gives us beautiful experiences and how we react is the kernel of who we are.  The hours tick by– how will we use them? What are our actions?



The big events we use our hours to accomplish shape us but our daily walk shapes us more.  Hours tick by– how do we express the time?








A purposeful life makes the hours worthwhile.   They continue– they march on– the hours. How will we use them?   It is the most valuable item we own– given freely by the remarkable gift of life.  Think of three ways you can share your gifts. How can you help others today to make all our hours meaningful?  I would love to know your insight.  Share in the comments below!


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