Life can seem treacherous

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The world out there can be treacherous without the proper mindset and care for ourselves.  We have numerous pitfalls and run-ins daily.  It seems like, especially with food, that it is a long, hard road.  There are hard choices everywhere– and it seems like the wrong choice is constantly being presented to us.  

Of course, there are good choices too, but that’s exactly the point.   It is only difficult if we think of it as treacherous.   Moving away from the constant siren song of highly palatable food, from the social gatherings that are designed around poor choices–it’s all part of our personal journey and being in touch with the choices we make.  At first it is not easy, but it gets better, if we choose to honor the decision.   

Sometimes we feel pulled in many different directions.   There are so many different choices to make.  Do we please friends and family?  Do we make that hard choice socially?  What about food addictions? Cravings?   They are hard to manage and overcome.   Find a way to honor yourself and your decision to take control of your health.  To keep the journey from being treacherous, it is important to own your decisions.   Quite often when I attend social gatherings, I will take my own dish to complement the meal or event.   Or I make a point to express how wonderful it is to see everyone and that far outweighs the food.  This helps us remain true to our goals and enhance our social experience.  

By making a decision in the morning, each day, we can start in the right direction.   If we don’t always make it, that’s just fine.   It’s how we move forward that makes all the difference.   By taking on the challenge of mastering our health, we can take things one step at a time, and let our friends and family be part of our journey.  What is one thing you can do for yourself today — what is a health goal you believe you can master today?elebrations, events, and kids that are picky eaters– all of these propose challenges.  What is one thing you can do to honor yourself and master that commitment TODAY?   For me today, it’s a raw food lunch.   That’s my commitment to the Perfect Day.  What’s your choice today?  Remember it is one day and one step at a time.  That is the “treacherous” road to self mastery.   Knowing yourself takes treachery out of it and replaces it with “inspirational” road instead.   Just one day at a time.  Comment below to share with us one thing you can add to your day to promote your health?  We want to hear from you!


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