Life spills

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Life spills out.  Everything bleeds into everything else.  The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.  It spills. Think of a glass of water that has been overfilled.  When you move it, it sloshes over the top– dribbles down the sides of the glass, drips on the counter.   Spills onto something else.

Our work life spills into our home life.   Our emotions fuel our decisions. What happens in one area of life just isn’t immediately compartmentalized.  We make hundreds of decisions a day.  How many of them are influenced by our different hats tumbling onto one another?  For me it’s constant. I almost don’t recognize the different hats anymore.


The way I react or change or grow happens universally.   When I learn something new at my job, does it stay there?  When I have a new experience at a social gathering, do I only relate that experience to my friends?  When I solve a problem or take some relaxation time, am I only detoxifying my work environment?

Our lives spill.  Our different tasks and responsibilities create our personage.  Our beliefs manifest over all parts of our lives. Our lives spill into other people’s lives.  We have the opportunity to share, to grow, to influence, to teach. We also have the ability to spill out negativity. Anger, jealousy, frustration, pride.  Overall it is our choice in how we choose to spill out into the world and into ourselves. Each day is a gift, an opportunity. How will I use this day?

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