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Moonrise, when you capture it, is the most beautiful time of the day.  Quite often we are already in our homes.  The moon just always seems to be there, watching it ascend, first a giant orb, colored by the setting sun, then serenely gliding into the sky.  It is calm, predictable and silent.  The rising of the moon signals our quiet time.  Winding down our day, it reminds us of our period of rejuvenation. 


The moon’s rise also reminds us of our own serenity, our own beauty and purpose.  It never fails to bring its characteristic beauty with it, and our momentary gaze reminds us that we are here in this place.  We have value; we have purpose.  Go rest to begin the new day when the sun and moon trade places.  Thank you moonrise for reminding us of our purpose.   Will you be reminded of your purpose when you arise tomorrow?  Start the day fresh with renewal and determination.  Comment below to tell us what your purpose will be when you start your day!

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