Mortal– a curious word

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Mortal is a captivating word.

It is highly intellectual.  We go through life knowing that we have a finite end, but of course, not knowing when.   We hear the cliche adages but really take them to heart.

“Make the most of every day because today might be your last.”

I went to a powerful memorial service for a very long time friend.   He was 46 years old.   He DID live his life to the fullest   He always went with gusto– with life– into every day.  It almost seemed like he breathed life into every one of us that were touched by him.  

Knowing our time is limited is precious– we can be reminded of the gift.   Losing our beautiful friend was powerfully awful.   It has been a time of great sorrow.  But he shared something very special with me and of course THE most important lesson for all of us.  Our gifts.   Time is limited– time is precious.   Live it.  Do it.   The time is now.  

Every day should be a pleasure.  We get so bogged down.  I am just as much to blame as everyone else, kind reader.  The mountains around my house are stunningly scenic.  I have natural beauty all around me.  I am delighted by the humor of my children.   I revel in the ear to ear smile my husband gives me when we greet each other.  I have been enjoying podcasts and stories.  

Yes I have stress– the enormity of building a business can be a weight if I allow it.  It’s the little things that keep me going.   They add up all day long  Small delights often go unnoticed.  We get wrapped up in life.  Unfold a bit– what do you notice?

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