Mourning and Loss

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You see, I have a book that I write from each day.   I take the next word on the list and create.   Well the word that fell into my notebook was dove.  How poignant that is considering that mourning, grief, and painful change has been on my mind.   I haven’t figured out how to balance it all yet; how to live without someone so unexpectedly.

But that’s not exactly where I am going today.   I still need more threshing out time to work on that grief.   An important correlation comes with that grief today though, and that is the lost relationship.  Of course we realize when we lose someone so unexpectedly, it sheds light on those that have fallen out of our lives.

Recently I have come to terms with some relationships that had fallen away for different reasons.  I realized I was mourning a relationship that had changed.   It changed as I changed.  And this is so often the case when we move forward in our lives.   But there is an unintended series of blessings when we struggle with someone else– we can be thoughtful and humble, or we can be “right.”  

I decided to let the pain go.   I decided to reflect upon the journey, and be thoughtful and deeply quiet in my heart.   What I learned was, walking in the other person’s shoes is highly therapeutic.   I do not dare have the hubris to believe I can actually feel the same as another, but I can have empathy for all others, even those that have “wronged” me, for perhaps they feel wronged as well.  

I choose not to live in that pain– I allow it to be freed.   That changes everything.   Suddenly anxiety is lifted, forgiveness is possible and one day the relationship may right itself.   But either way, we free ourselves.  I find the lesson in what went wrong, live in compassion and then let it go.   I think of it as a balloon released into the wind.   

gratitude floats the heart

Now I can focus on the present.   I can forge new relationships.   I can live in the present peacefulness I have of letting go, not needing to be right any longer.  I  have mended many friendships lately; I have let others go; I have found new delights in new people who have entered my life.   Think about who’s missing in your life and why.   Think about that impact in your life and then take action.   Take massive action.   There’s no time like the present moment to forgive, heal and release.

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