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Have you ever thought about the pieces of our lives that have been sewn together over time?   These are our experiences that have been fashioned by our beliefs.

I ask you this question because I’ve been thinking, actually in deep study, about our trends of goal setting.  I’ve been thinking ahead to the new year and the general pattern of “I’m going to do better.” and then the settling of old ways just brings us another square of pattern for our quilt of experiences.


I personally don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but I do set goals and resolutions throughout the year.  What I’ve learned is that the large sweeping goals we tend to set for ourselves, typically at the fresh start of the new year, don’t often last.  And here’s why– the goal we set is just too large. We can’t just release all those squares in our quilt instantly and another totally different pattern immediately sewn in.  It takes time to draw the new pattern and then to sew each piece into place.

What I’ve found that truly works for me is the adage that you are better today than you were yesterday.   Our frustrations incline us to take huge leaps– forward and then oftentimes– backwards. The only way to get to a destination is one step at a time.  The only way to finish the quilt is one square at a time.

How will you start a new goal?  What can you do better today than yesterday?  Make that your new normal. Reach for THAT goal.   Make a step forward today. It will steadily improve your life.  Share with us your goal!  Post in the comments below or in one of the community forums under the community tab.   We want to hear from you and support you!

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