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So I got to thinking about hiking and being outdoors.  And then I started thinking about some of the coolest things I have done as a sometime hiker.  Aspens.  The trees.  One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.   I live in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains, and we have them in the higher elevations here in Southern California.  

I feel like the beauty of an aspen tree in the fall of the year is something that shouldn’t be missed.  The leaves quake, tremble and shimmer in the afternoon sun.   It is breathtaking. And– then this leads me to being outdoors.

Finding the time to get outside every day just recharges me.  There’s so much beauty to behold even in our own backyard.   Just being part of this simple pleasure brings us peace.  Just like those aspen trees.

I absolutely love hiking.  But unfortunately I have so many things on my plate that I don’t get the opportunity as often as I would like.  Going out in my garden, in my yard or on a walk always brings me more peace.  

Do you have a hectic life?  Looking for a way to make things better?  Go step outside, literally.  It instantly brings down our stress level– into a parasympathetic state.  Find a way to get outside as much as you can, even when the winter can be sharp edged.   Just for a moment.  Five minutes can make all the difference.   Comment below and tell us one of your greatest outdoor memories or a routine you have to get outside.  Being out and about is key to health.  Share with us today!

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