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The majesty of an owl inspires me.

Owls are beautiful, solitary and magnificent creatures. They have always been my favorite bird.  They are elusive.  I rarely see them but occasionally I hear them in the night.  Their faces are so elegant.  I feel like they are gazing directly into my soul, and that’s where I’m going with this.

Can you stare into your center?  Is it possible to take a deep look?  I’ve had a difficult time accomplishing this but as I practice, it gets easier.   I call it the epic battle of the subconscious and until recently it was keeping me in the same place, not wanting growth or change.

Perfectionism harmed me. Daily.

I had a belief throughout my life that I could never measure up, that I would never be good enough.  It’s exhausting to even write this down, to put it on paper.  But after I started evaluating every thought, every action and really staring into my center, I realized that just because I had that thought didn’t mean it was true.   We all have thoughts that don’t serve our goodness, that hold us back, that have been a part of us for most of our lives

At the heart of me is someone who wants to be loved, but I must be the one to do the loving.  I’ve got to put myself first and love and honor myself to understand my true value.   Otherwise I am just thinking destructive thoughts  The wise old owl is right.   Stare deep and discover some answers.

What do you see at your center?

Are you able to take a look?  Are you able to find your center?  I didn’t even know it existed until I got really quiet.  I spent some time, 33 days actually, finding that center.  Finding me.  So I am constantly asking myself, what do I want?   Really?  What is my purpose right here and right now?  I am self destructive or self loving?   I consistently listen to my thoughts.

Take a step to connecting with your center.   Allow that image of the owl to help you see within.   Even if you have mastered this, it is always helpful to see with a fresh set of eyes every morning.  What do you see?  Start there.   Just what do you see?  It opens the mind to understanding what we think and then as we notice, we begin to ask why?  Write down one thing.  Whatever pops in your mind.  Instantly.   Do this every morning when you wake and you will begin to see the pattern of the day emerge.  Anyone else do this?   If so, what have you noticed about yourself?   Share with us your ideas and thoughts.   We love to hear from you.

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