Echo– What comes back to us?
What is your message? What comes back to us?  It resounds.   It confirms.  It reiterates. ...
Sadness seems to be a part of us
Sadness happens to the best of us.  Melancholy describes us at times in our lives. ...
Silhouette is the dark outline of someone or something against a light background.  Isn't that...
Why steel yourself against failure?
Failure is our greatest teacher. Why do we always need to steel ourselves against failure? ...
Your Shadow
When I was a kid I loved shadows.  I would play with mine and imagine...
We run across many different choices-- crossroads in our lives, and it's all about our...
Rim of the World
Rim of the world.   A precipice.  A dead end.  A decision.  Do I try another...
Seeds, seeds everywhere
Seeds bring life in so many ways. Seeds contain the spark of life, as I...
The Gift of Life
The gift of life is all around us. So I am an avid gardener, almost...
The softness of us
Soft.  It's a great word. Soft-- what it represents.  A sweet baby, a woman's skin,...
What about ego?
The importance of being self-centered Ego:  A person's sense of self esteem or self importance. ...
Get out and about!
How do I move? It's personal! So why be active?  Why does it matter?   Here...
Exercise isn’t important
Yeah.  I kinda got you there.  But it's not the word I care about.   In...
Dog — a different meaning.
To follow someone closely and persistently Dog can be used as a verb. Dogged determination. ...
The majesty of an owl inspires me. Owls are beautiful, solitary and magnificent creatures. They...
What does Fate actually mean? It is often thought that life just happens to us,...
Stone.  Immovable.  Impenetrable.  Yet it is..... it creates beautiful shapes, both natural and sculpted by...
The Perfect Word for Today. Advantage Asset Forte Aptitude Skill Specialty Finding these words in...
Rose or Thorn?
What do you do when someone seems to be a "thorn in your side?"  When...
Rural Life
I enjoy the work of growing food.  I love bringing it to people.  Home time--...
So I got to thinking about hiking and being outdoors.  And then I started thinking...
We travel through our days just expecting our bodies to work.  I've been guilty of...
Bone up–Just do it!
It's New Year's Resolution crunch time. Bone up.   Just do it.  Get the necessary information. ...
Delivering on a promise.  The key to health.  Really we make a promise to ourselves...
Saying Goodbye
Saying goodbye to the old you.  I follow an author, Seth Godin, and he said...
flame means inflammation

Banish inflammation for powerful immunity

Inflammation. What is this new buzzword all about? Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself from infection, illness, or injury.   So even though we associate inflammation with negative response in the body, our bodies are actually doing exactly what they should be….. it’s a response.   So there are two types of inflammation, acute and

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seeing change in yourself

Change is easier than you think

People don’t change very easily. That’s a fact. Seriously.   It’s the statement I get the most.  “I know I should be doing better, but I really love eating cheese.”   Other regular statements include:   Sugar is the hardest thing in the world to give up.  I love ice cream.   How could I NOT eat that?

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So what’s the deal with heirloom?

For me, May is the month of planting.   I get over the moon excited to get my plants and my seeds in the ground.   I have prepared by growing out my tomato plants on a light table, in trays, and now they are ready to go!   I have beautiful seeds, bursting with life, ready to

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Painless gardening for beginners

I have been a large scale gardener/small scale farmer for ten years now.  Growing my own food is integral to my health, and is invaluable to every human on this planet.   Having access to fresh, delicious and organic foods is the most important thing you can do to regain your health.   But after saying that

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Supercharge your health in your own backyard

The high season of the garden is upon us.   Summer.   It is the divine appearance of luscious fruits and vegetables that make summer absolute perfection.   Just thinking of that classic watermelon scent is creating a smile on my lips.    For those who do not know me yet, this is my passion.   Above is a

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CBD oil for cancer patients is intriguing

The results of studies show much promise  CBD oil is gaining more and more attention in the fight against cancer. I want to speak directly about hemp, which is fully legal in all states, as are all products derived from hemp.  CBD oil from hemp and CBD oil from marijuana are basically the same products,

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