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Delivering on a promise.  The key to health.  Really we make a promise to ourselves every day when we are seeking the best day possible.   Some people might call it willpower– but it’s a promise.   Have you thought about the social pressure of a promise? If no one knows you made it, will you keep it?  It’s an interesting thing really.   It leaves us without a back door– a way out.  Announcing the intent makes it stronger.

When we enlist help from our friends and family, we are more likely to be successful.  Of course, we want to preserve our honor, and the amazing thing about being human is that we seek help.  We aren’t wholly an individual in the sense of our goals– we seek others out for nearly everything we do either directly or indirectly.  When others help us, we achieve so much more.  NOT sharing your promise makes you more likely to abandon it.  

I’ve done it lots of times.  I’ll just “try” this and if it doesn’t work, no one has to know.  So I challenge you, make a promise to yourself.  What’s one small step you can make to improve your health?  

Drink more water

Add a raw vegetable to your meal

Drink a green drink

Take a walk

These are just my suggestions.   What works for you?  Enlist others and when you fail, fail LARGE.  Own it.   Ask why. Ask for support.  That’s the real promise.  Owning the promise.   Comment below what promises you make and how you intend to follow through.   We are here for your support!   

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