Raw Food

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When I mention those two words together, “raw” and “food”, people sometimes return that glazed look.  “I could never do that.”  But raw food simply means food that hasn’t been cooked.

You don’t have to be a raw foodist to eat raw food, right?  Starting simply makes it easy to reap the benefits of nature’s foods in its original form.   There are some excellent benefits to eating raw foods.  They aid in digestion, deliver scads of nutrients, including really important trace minerals, lowers blood pressure and inflammation, helps you lose weight and absolutely improves your overall health.

It is so easy to start getting accustomed to raw foods.  Start thinking of foods you enjoy eating uncooked and add one of them to every meal.  Literally it’s that easy.

In the Perfect Day diet, I recommend adding a side salad to every meal.   That’s a great way to bulk up your nutrition, add dietary fiber and help you lose weight.

As a Southerner, we always had raw food on the table. A typical meal at my house was peas, collards and then raw sliced tomatoes or onions.   The raw flavors and textures always complemented the meal.

So what do you enjoy eating raw?  Add those foods to your daily routine.  Your body will light up and say “Yes please!”  So go enjoy some raw foods today!

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