Rim of the World

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Rim of the world.   A precipice.  A dead end.  A decision.  Do I try another way or do I give up?  So often we decide to give up out of frustration.  But what happens when you decide to step off that rim?  Fly or walk a different path.  Change your direction; change your perspective.  Excitement.   Frustration turns to excitement.  All of a sudden you’ve made a choice to go a different direction and you are full  of new possibility.

Are you frustrated?

Are you stuck in a problem right now?   Are you frustrated?  Feeling like a dead end?  The emotion is the dead end.  The human brain and our spirits are always looking for new possibility.   So here’s a suggestion.  Write down all the solutions you can think of.   Not just on one occasion but for an entire week.   By considering possibilities, new avenues may reveal themselves to you, because now you are seeking.  Write down even the far fetched ones.   It will allow you to think about the edges– about what’s out there.  Things start to look different when you pose solutions.

Our brains ruminate.  We tend to think and think and think.  Most often we go back to the same place. Now– think possibility.   What else is out there?   Think new.  Think “I’ve got this.”  The rim of the world– the dead end– gives new possibilities.   Find another way.  It’s just one failure.  It leads to the next success.

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