Rose or Thorn?

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What do you do when someone seems to be a “thorn in your side?”  When you think about that person, do YOU feel better or worse?  Seems like a pointless question, but bear with me.  Oftentimes our thoughts are so automatic we don’t even realized we’ve gravitated there.

So you’re thinking about this problem.  Feeling better or worse, I ask you again?  My guess– well probably worse.   We often focus on what negative feelings surround the problem…..  and that brings the initial stress, plus heaping on more and more as time goes on, as long as we think about it.  And THAT is harmful to our wellbeing.

So I propose a solution.  Quite often we associate thorns with roses.   The plant is full of spines– I have been nicked plenty of times.   But at the end of the thorny stem is a beautiful delicate blossom.  What if you began to view the “thorn” as the “rose?”  What if that person became your teacher?  When you have enemies the main person that is suffering is you.   

I started sending love to those that I had hardened my heart against.  If I faced a problem with someone, I sent them love every day, in the morning. Every day.  Again and again, no matter my perception of hurt or anger.  

Here’s what happened.

Pretty soon, I didn’t have enemies anymore.  Those feelings we harbor begin to soften and melt away.  It is not possible to love and resent or to hate at the same time.  This process of seeing our enemies through the lens of love changes our own perspective.  Not only does it help the other person, it opened me up to the healing process.   I began to feel better and better.

Make changes in your heart today.

Don’t let the “thorn” in your side keep you from seeing the rose.   Send well wishes, send love, send compassion, send caring.   It may seem impossible, but will change everything.  Make it a habit.  Maybe you feel that person doesn’t deserve it.   Doesn’t matter.  YOU deserve it.   Let go.  It is a beautiful freedom that you can have today.   

Share with us if this resonated with you today.   Anyone else found forgiveness and felt a lift, a healing, a truth because of your change??? I would love to hear you and be inspired!

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