Rural Life

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I enjoy the work of growing food.  I love bringing it to people.  Home time– working in the garden– sharing its bounty with my community– having a good meal with friends and family– these are all  part of the goodness of my life.  This is where I feel proud and I feel like I belong to the world. Delicious fresh food just waiting to be shared and served.

The Barn is a perfect symbol of rural life.

A barn symbolizes the farm.  It is a place of keeping.  It is a moniker of the past.  It is a beacon of being settled.  Looking at the beauty of a barn reminds us of a simpler time.  We have become so entrenched in the ratcheting up of our lives.  Technology has us wound around perfection, around keeping up impossible standards, around never winding down.  How often do we just turn it all off?  A barn represents getting back to nature, enjoying the simple things in life.

But here we all are– helter skelter.  I have to do this; everything will go wrong if I don’t finish that.  I need to get ahead.  My kids need to get ahead.  It’s never enough.  But is that true?  Can’t we just metaphorically be in a different landscape?

Bring all your senses here.

Just smelling the aromas that waft from a barn gives me more of a sense of peace.  Fresh hay, the earthy scent of animals, the new scent of babies being cared for by their mothers.  It’s a soft place– one that we don’t visit often enough.  The race of life is turning into a flood.

Looking at the rural landscape, it’s just the joy of being.   I’m here.  Ultimately, it denotes hard work, but it is good-feeling work.  And the rural landscape also has the reflective qualities we all desire.   Quiet, rest, peacefulness, the joy of a hard day’s work and the accomplishment therein.  Too often we get caught up.  I implore you to find your space today.  For me the quiet solitude of a barn speaks wonders in my head.   What’s your best quiet space?  Where do you like to take a break and reflect?   Share with us in the comment section below.

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