Sadness seems to be a part of us

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Sadness happens to the best of us.  Melancholy describes us at times in our lives.  It denotes a feeling of more than sadness.  It has layers.  To me, melancholy is a thinking feeling.   It’s the one that sticks to us because we choose not to let it go.  Whatever hurt we endured is something we belong to.

So how do we eliminate that tenacious feeling?  Start to question.  Why do you feel this way?  What are you holding on to?  Think about the fact that you actually choose this feeling.  It’s the thought, the memory of the an event that allows the feeling to stick.  Why is it important that you hold on to it?  Why do you choose to relive it?  When you begin to seek answers to these questions, it sheds light on the sadness.  It breaks the melancholy.

Write down these questions.


  • Why do I choose to hold on to this feeling?
  • How does it serve me?


Your answers will help enlighten you to unburden the thought surrounding and encapsulating the melancholy.  Ask and answer this question daily and begin to unclasp the chains of negative emotions.  

When you seek the answer on paper daily, you will begin to unravel the emotions.  It will bring back joy in your life.   It will allow you to see again and clear the fog around melancholy.   Get started today to take your life back and forge your new path.   Go sit down with yourself to unleash your happiness.

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