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“Is she worth her salt?”  An old saying. Salt is absolutely my favorite.   I adore salt. It brings my food to life. It almost seems to create flavor that bursts into my head.  But the saying denotes something totally different.

We live in a world of perfectionism.  Am I worth my salt? What does it take for us to feel adequate?   I had been imprisoned by a life of inadequacy. Over-achievement turned up the voice in my head, and its whispering was  constant.  Awareness of its constant presence, the perfectionist stating the obvious–even at my best I am not good enough– was enough to tear me apart. But owning the darkest places helped bring me into the light.   

Spending the time to evaluate my thoughts, to actively purge the destructive thoughts makes me worth my salt after all.   I’ve always been worth it. I just believed that I had to achieve to allow others to dictate my worth. SALT is powerful.   It adds richness, it cleanses, it has value.


So am I worth my salt?   I was born worthy. Maybe I just forgot for a while, but it has been restored to me.   The most special gift of all? ME.


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