Sandalwood is perfection

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Sandalwood is all about the senses.

Now to me this is luxury.   Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil is extremely expensive.   But this is one of those times where I say “I’m worth it!”   Have you used it before?   It carries a rich, warm scent that immediately grounds me and makes me feel, well, very special.   It smells luxurious and the oil is brown and thick  and it just glides over the skin.

As you can see, hawaiian sandalwood has many uses and is very restorative to the skin especially.   But what I love the most about sandalwood is the scent.   It is very calming and will relieve stress immediately.   I dab it on my wrists as I start my day and it allows me to be at peace and not rushed in the morning.   To me that is worth the price.   I have never used an oil where its scent actually changed my state of mind.   If you smile and love yourself in the mirror when you ready for your day– it can be a great way to reinforce those positive feelings you have for yourself.   

You can also add a couple of drops to your moisturizer to give you a peaceful morning anytime you use it.   It is also very good to even out skin tone and clear blemishes.  Basically it is great for all things skin.

Calm and alert at the same time......

The magic of sandalwood is yes– it calms and soothes us.   But it also creates a level of alertness and awareness in the mind.   I think that’s the best it can be.   We always want to solve problems when we are calm, and sandalwood does not dull the senses, but instead makes them sharper.   There is a compound in sandalwood called alpha-santalol that creates this effect, so the scent of sandalwood has a lot to offer us in our mental health and clarity.


I like to use natural products that just enhance my day and sandalwood doesn’t disappoint.   A word of caution– if the price seems too good to be true– it is too good to be true.   Australian sandalwood has a lower concentration of alpha-santalol so literally you get what you pay for. 

 I always look for Hawaiian Sandalwood because the scent is just what I want.  The two most therapeutic types, Indian Sandalwood and Hawaiian Sandalwood have different scents, so I am looking for a sweeter scent, which the Hawaiian type provides.   You may prefer the opposite, and in this case, the best resources for this oil may be DoTerra or Young Living.   That way you can try before you buy if you know someone who is a distributor.  I personally buy mine from Young Living and I have added a link to their website.   Feel free to look around and find the best source for you.   It has long been my favorite oil.   I use just a little each day and it lifts me and makes me feel beautiful.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  Comment below if you have had experience with Sandalwood.   We love to hear from you.

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