Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye to the old you.  I follow an author, Seth Godin, and he said something that has stuck with me.   I want to share it with you as we say hello to 2019.  Let your former self be a gift to your present self.  It’s a fallacy to double down on something just because you took the time to invest in it.   This took a while to sink in for me.

If it no longer suits your present self, move on.   There are so many amazing qualities I gained from being a professional musician and college professor.   I am here now using those very skills to enhance my present self.

Solving a problem

Sticking through the rough patches

Time management

Personal expression



These attributes helped me then, and they continue to serve me now.  I have practiced and absorbed these qualities throughout my life and the practice and dedication of music has served me well.   Should I be sad and depressed that I am moving in a different direction, or can I take those amazing parts and engage with my present self?  I have been a beautiful musician and a wise teacher.   Now I have another mission.  I can thank my former self for preparing me for my new goals. Saying goodbye just means new opportunities.  There are a lot of new hellos to accomplish.  Will this work?  I don’t know.   Only one way to find out.   

What new hellos are you saying?   Is there something in your life that is no longer serving you, but the investment seems to large to let go?   Comment below and let’s start a conversation about letting go and moving forward into 2019!

To learn more about Seth Godin here’s the link to his site.

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