Seeds, seeds everywhere

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Seeds bring life in so many ways.

Seeds contain the spark of life, as I talked about in my previous post.  Now I want to talk about consuming them!  Eating seeds is a really important key to health.  You see, since seeds contain all the starting materials to grow into plants, they are chocked full of nutrition such as fiber, fats, phytochemicals and minerals.  So many wonderful, healthful benefits, so I want to share with you the ones I eat most often.


 We’ve all heard so much about them.   Grind them up for brain boosting goodness.  They are full of Omega-3 fatty acids and have lots  of minerals like manganese, thiamine and magnesium.  I store mine in the freezer for optimal shelf life.


These little jewels are a complete protein.  They contain all the essential amino acids and are another great source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  I sprinkle them on everything– salads, soups, bowls of fruit– and I also add them to all my salad dressings.  They are super easy to find, have a very mild taste and go great with everything.


I love these things.  They pack so much flavor and nutrition too.   Asian cucumber salad.  MMM.  Did you see the recipe?  Check out a wallop of sesame flavor.  They are loaded with protein, but they are so small.   What you really benefit from with these delicious seeds are the minerals.   They are very high in copper, manganese and magnesium.  I top salads with them, add to steamed vegetables and spoon tahini into hummus and salad dressings.  Delicious and nutritious,.


I adore these little seeds.   I eat them with the shell on and also buy them already shelled.  I eat them nearly every day.  The trend with seeds is that they are high in protein and minerals and these don’t disappoint.  They are also high in phytosterols, which is a group of compounds found in plant cell membranes.  These have been found to stabilize blood pressure and lower cholesterol.  Phytosterols also help to lower calcium levels in the blood so it lowers the risk of stones in the body– kidney stones, gall stones and bladder stones.  I eat them by the handful or add to soups and salads.  They are wonderfully delicious.

Seeds are such a wonderful addition to our diets but are often overlooked.  I encourage you to add some seeds to every meal.  They are so easy to locate and are totally portable.  Take that little gift of life with you today!  

Do you eat seeds or use them to cook with?  Share with us how you use seeds, or what you learned from this blog post.   We want to hear from you!

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