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Silhouette is the dark outline of someone or something against a light background.  Isn’t that what we know about people?  It’s an outline, a general description of someone.  I’ve been thinking about our perceptions.  The way we perceive someone or something is our reality.  Each person is unique and each of us has a different perception of each individual.  

Also, what is interesting about silhouette?   It changes depending on our body posture.  The right side of the face is different from the left.  We can choose infinite body poses and we can look different in every moment.  And that is what we are, a living, breathing changeable entity.  







All of these are representations of our adaptability.  I love that humans are so flexible.  That’s how we have evolved over the millennia.  How does this apply to your life?  Do you welcome new ideas?  Are you willing to change your silhouette?

  • Can you think of one new idea that brought you excitement?
  • Is there something new you learned that opened your mind to think a little differently?
  • Is there a change that you embraced that improved your life?


I challenge you today to look for those ideas, those moments that have changed you or could give you more now.   When we seek out new ideas and new experiences, we change our silhouette.   We see ourselves differently and others see us differently as well.  Seek change today.  Take that step forward.

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