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Stone.  Immovable.  Impenetrable.  Yet it is….. it creates beautiful shapes, both natural and sculpted by an artist.  We have a choice in our lives.  We can stay as a hunk of granite or we can be sculpted into a beautiful work of art.

Burdens can be lifted. We can shift and change.

We all carry burdens in our hearts.  Our minds cause our hearts to be turned to stone.  Do you have someone in your life that you haven’t forgiven?  Have you thought about how it is affecting you?  These negative emotions are hurtful to ourselves and to the other person.  

Another question?   How long has it been?  Have you hardened your heart and turned to stone around the issue?  

I challenge you.

Take a look back.  Revisit the initial argument or issue.  Quite often we have changed– and the other person has changed as well.  What would it take for you to repair the damage?

I was wrong.

I was wronged.

I felt hurt.

I felt shamed.

I felt angry.

These might be emotions you felt then.  If you have not found forgiveness, you probably still feel them. So I ask you to get in touch with yourself.  How has carrying around the burden of the problem and the emotions surrounding it affected your life?  What would need to happen to release these emotions?  

You can release this pain.   You can start the inner work it takes to let it go.  There’s so much beauty around us.   We can sculpt our lives.   We can make the choice to be immovable stone or a sculpted work of art.  Letting go of the past allows us to enjoy the present.  Don’t dwell on it.  


Forgiveness is for YOU.

Write down a name you can send love to.  Feel the burden lift from you.   Make it a daily practice.   Soon all your granite facades will melt into sand.   Share withus how you have changed your life through forgiveness.   It is lightness.  It is love.   It is beauty.

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