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The Perfect Word for Today.







Finding these words in our lives is important.  Building our personalities, our lives, our relationships off of these virtues is something we all have.  We use these attributes every day.  Sometimes we get too bogged down to see that we carry so many of these strengths.  We all have skills, specialties, and aptitudes.  We excel at things but often we don’t celebrate our strengths.  We look at our failures too often.  We stagnate and stay there

How do we learn our skills?

We acquire through failure of course.   People think that’s a bad word.  Failure is an opportunity.  Failure is temporary, if we allow it to be.  It shows us the lesson; it shows us how to access our strengths.  

What are your strengths?  What can you celebrate about your skills, your assets, your forte?  You ARE valuable.  You ARE important.  Find one thing today and embrace that.  Thank your failure for the lesson. Go through today with the pride of ownership, of not being the victim of the failure, but the success of the lesson.  And the extra good news– you can repeat that celebration tomorrow.  For you have the promise of learning.  Reflecting at the end of the day what you have gained for this day and then again tomorrow.  You will wake up again tomorrow to have the opportunity for amazing  You’re worth it.  Every one of us.   Comment below and tell us what lesson you have learned.  What did you find that you could grow from?   We would love to hear from you and support you in your journey.

positivity and gratitude

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