The #1 Reason Smiling Should be a Habit

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It really is all about smiling. Yesterday was a difficult day.   You see, I had a run in with a crock pot.   Strange, but it was on the top shelf, and when I went to take it down, the lid fell and hit me squarely on the eye.   Now my eye is black and blue, thank you very much.   There was a trip  to the supermarket in my future, so I needed to make the best of it.   I had a very clear choice, keep my head down and hope no one notices, or pick myself up and smile.   And you know what, when I smiled, in spite of the gigantic knob under my eye, people responded.  Conversations happened, even in the grocery store, and I felt better!

I have been thinking so much about state of mind– and it is up to us to create it.  No matter what our circumstances, smiling always makes it better.   Whenever we put on a smile (either real or just a big fake out) we feel better.   I’ll explain, but I think you know it just feels right.   A smile is THE best part of us.

Smiling is THE number one way to create a healthy life.

Smiling is part of our journey to optimal health.  Really!  Did you know that your smile is the healthiest greeting on the planet? A smile helps us create joy in our own lives and all those that we encounter.  Ever heard that a smile is infectious?   We all want to be around people who are smiling and happy, and you can share a smile with anyone and everyone! I love to smile and enjoy life with others around me, and I have even gotten into the habit of smiling at myself in the mirror!   It is the greatest feeling!   So let’s consider what smiling can do to your health…..

Seven ways that smiling will improve your health

  1. Improves mood
  2. Relieves Pain
  3. Lowers Blood Pressure
  4. Strengthens Immune System
  5.  Improves Relationships
  6. Relieves Stress
  7.  Helps You Appear Younger
The really cool thing about smiling more often, or as often as possible, is that you can see it is a huge stress reliever.  It improves your relationships, lowers your blood pressure and relieves your pain.   That is amazing, and all it takes is a little upturned grin to share the best part of you!  You can read more about each of these benefits here.

A Smile is Contagious

  Smiling is the most important way to go through the day. When we smile, people respond.  Smiling is the antidote to fear, to anger.   How often do we see people who could use a good smile?  When we share, that energy is passed from you to the recipient.   How often do you smile at someone and they smile back at you?   Nearly every single time!  It is rare that you smile and another person frowns back at you.   It is almost startling to see, don’t you think?

Our smile makes  us more attractive to others.  We want to be around people who smile, and your mood affects all those around you.  I had to work with a colleague who was miserable at his post.  I quickly learned that to keep myself in a good mood, I almost felt like I needed to wear armor.  I found it was very important to protect myself against negative feelings.  Smiling just warms the room and spreads beautiful energy everywhere.

In a Swedish study, participants were shown pictures that represented different emotions, such as joy, anger and fear.   When a picture was presented of someone smiling, the participants were asked to frown.  What is so cool about this study is that it was very difficult for people to accomplish.   It took a very deliberate and conscious effort to create a frown after a smile.   

Smiling should be a habit.

“Smile in the mirror.  Do that every day and you will start to see a big difference in your life.”  —  Yoko Ono

Is it true that we don’t always feel like smiling?  Of course.   We run an entire course of emotions every day.   What is also true is that we can make a choice, and we can start to smile, on purpose, every single day.  We can actually practice the art of smiling!   Just think what would happen if you woke up every day and smiled at yourself in the mirror.  “Hello gorgeous!”  

What impact could you make in your family life if you smiled at every member of your family each morning as you greet them?   How great would your friends and colleagues feel as you smiled while they recounted a story or event?  Could you create joy in a stranger’s life when you smile as you pass that person by?  Personally, I feel like people love that!  

Take some time to reflect on how often you smile each day.  Practicing your smile in front of a mirror creates a love affair of YOU.   Smiling all day long, with others, brings peace and joy to everyone around you.   It helps you solve problems and relieves a crisis.  Practice this art and you will have a perfect day.  It is just infectious and wonderful to share your best attribute– your smile!

Learn more about creating a positive impact

Would you like to learn more about how to create positive thoughts and loads of energy throughout your day?  Check out my recent article on positive thinking HERE.  I am  so grateful that you are here with me and I hope that this article inspired you to create a better life for yourself with just the simple act of smiling!

Are you ready to take on more?   There is so much for you here at Life in Harmony.   Join our facebook group for daily inspiration and to meet others who are making a positive impact and growing daily.  Have the best day– and remember to always smile.  It really matters!  Share or comment below to start a conversation!

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