The Gift of Life

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The gift of life is all around us.

So I am an avid gardener, almost really a small time farmer.  I don’t quite know what to call myself.  I just know that I enjoy the work of growing my own food, and that I also deeply enjoy sharing my bounty.  This is the time of year when I am seeding and growing out transplants for the coming summer season.  My beloved heirloom tomatoes are on their way!  

And so I got to thinking about the miracle of seeds.  The endosperm of a seed provides the energy it needs to shoot up into the world.  Every time I see that little green shoot come up I am always amazed.  I talk about the gratitude I have for my life and the beauty that this world shows me every day, and the sprouting of seeds never disappoints.  The life force that is held within a seed sustains us all.  That initial burst of energy, that potential for life, is everything.  It’s what makes this planet go.

And maybe that’s why I like gardening so much.  It truly teaches me about the simplicity and the complexity of life, all at the same time.  The blessings of a whole symphony of plants.  Tomatoes, squash, eggplants, beans, peas, okra, sunflowers, pumpkins– they are all part of the gift of life and the harmony of my garden.  And they all burst forth from the generosity of that seed– the gift of life. 

So today I just want to celebrate that gift of life, the one that remains buried in a little seed.   It’s that enormous potential we can use as the metaphors for our own lives.  Seeds are the spark of life and I am so happy to be a willing participant.   Give us a comment about your gift of life.   Are you a gardener?   Do you have a beautiful way of sharing your spark?   Are you part of a gift or charity?   Are you a caregiver for others?   Teacher?   Mother?  Father?  There are so many ways to share the spark.   Share with us what you do each day.   Have a beautiful day!

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