The Myth of Pleasure

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It’s a myth that we can overindulge and not pay a price for it.  Any time nature oversteps its bounds, equilibrium must be found.  Nature always returns– it wants to restore and rejuvenate.

When we do not care properly for ourselves, we are hijacked. We perpetuate a myth that we will be just fine.  Just one more time.  We have perpetuated the myth that the doctors will just be able to fix us.  We are incredibly complex beings.   It’s very comforting to think that we can seek intense pleasure and not pay a price.   This is not about celibacy, misery, or stoicism.  Our body rejects habitual overindulgence and no one can heal us but us.  We must listen and care for our own selves.

Why not look into the heart of the myth?  Let’s seek the truth behind it.  Our brains are tricky.  Pleasurable actions feel good naturally, but if we are in stress or we are unhappy, we seek greater and greater pleasures in search of happiness.  This brings the body out of balance.  At first, finding our true nature can seem difficult, so hard in fact that most of us give up.  

I return to the challenge daily.  I take on the part of me that sabotages my heartfelt best efforts.  This is how I return to balance, through love, honor and respect of my personage, of myself, my life and my beliefs.  A return to the inner self helps me navigate the outer world.

Begin your day with one very simple question.  How can I honor myself today?  Write down your answer, in a journal, on a scrap of paper.  Just write it down and make it tangible.  Step into the world with honor today, for you–amazing you– and stop perpetuating the myth.  You are perfect while imperfect.  Human is a powerful juxtaposition.  Love who you are, even as you are, today.

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