The Peach

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Here is the true beauty of a peach:  It requires you to eat in season.   A peach that has been shipped a long way is not really edible.   It is a wisp of its true delectability.   Peaches are a great barometer of seasonal eating and that is one thing that our modern age has taken from us.  Eating seasonally is a demand that the peach makes of us.  Apricots demand it.   Cherries demand it.   There are some vegetables and fruits that are tolerable out of season.   Grapes, apples, even oranges and lemons to a degree, but the peach reminds us of the beauty of the local farmer, of the farmer’s market and of the backyard eating of former days.  

The king of seasonality—the peach—reminds us of how important it is to source locally, to eat seasonally and this allows us to naturally boost our health and our sense of well being.   So I task you—what can you do to eat seasonally?  Below is a chart of seasonality.   Which one will you choose today?  Have a beautiful day in season! Share with us which fruits and vegetables you like best and where you get yours in season!

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