The Ravine

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Ahh.   The ravine.   The moniker of childhood whimsy.  Loping down into the ravine represents freedom– a magical journey into the wild.  Imagination.


The mind of a child is such a marvelous wonder.  I think back to the way I viewed the world. It would be so nice to come at it from that angle again.  But once you know, you can’t undo it. The price of growing up. That’s why childhood seems so ephemeral.  It moves so fast and we can’t take it back. Which brings me to time.

Adventurous treks into the ravine symbolize the best moments of childhood.   They are moments. Imagination and wanderlust that is not returned to us all grown up.  Those moments are fleeting. We remember them through our own children. We remember them through our own childhood companions.  The ravine symbolizes naivete. Falling into bed– letting the world crash around you. Nothing to hold up, no pressing needs. Just play.  Knowing only your world. Explore. Imagine. Happy.

 Can you find that place within you again?   The whimsy of a child?   Find a way to play right here right now.   What brings a smile to your face?   Find your ravine to explore– to just be free.  Any “childish” things on your mind?   Share a way that you play in the comments below.  It’s fun to be a kid again!

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