The softness of us

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Soft.  It’s a great word.

Soft– what it represents.  A sweet baby, a woman’s skin, the fur of your favorite pet, your bed after a hard day’s work.  To me soft is a word of luxury.  Of course there’s another meaning.  “He’s gone soft.”  And of course that means he’s lost his composure, not staying in the order of the group, not doing his or her part.  But that’s almost ironic.   Because those statements are hard.

But I am a woman.  I enjoy being soft.  It’s a state of being.  We can be soft and luxurious.  Petting a cat is a wonderful experience (if you like cats of course) because it’s fur is so soft.  It feels good, that sensual experience.  The softness of a woman’s skin is a thing of great beauty.  When it comes down to it, soft refers directly to the sense of touch.   Americans don’t like to talk about touch very much.  

 While I understand the implications, I must draw attention to the fact that we humans love to be touched.  Children hug with wild abandon.  They pick up every house pet they can find.  A hug from someone we love is intensely satisfying.  A special touch by your lover is electrifying.  Holding a baby is somehow deeply satisfying and calming.   There’s so much about touch that we pull away from.   Soft.   It reminds us how nice it is to just connect, to be open, to share ourselves.   To love and honor ourselves and to give.   Enjoy your sense of touch today.   It’s wonderful.  

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