The Window of the Soul

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Eyes are the window of the soul.  When you really want to know someone, search his or her eyes.  A person creates so much depth in the eyes.  They portray emotion– it is our view of the world.  We can create seeing through other senses as well, through touching, smelling, hearing.  These can also create images in the mind.  

How many times do we wear sunglasses because we don’t want anyone else to see into us?  Eyes instantly reflect.  To guard the eyes takes skill– it is a practice because inherently we are emotional creatures.  Our eyes portray our inner world.  They mirror thought– our heart.

How often do you conceal the truth?  I like to reflect on why we decide to hide ourselves.  There are a few emotions that come to mind: Anger, shame, guilt, deception.  

Other emotions allow our eyes to be wide open: Care, concern, love, joy, peace.  We never want to hide these emotions.  Take the time to watch yourself.  What do your eyes convey?

Look into another.  Smile– show your joy, your care, your compassion.  Question your concealing eyes, your hurt, guilt, anger and pain.  Those painful emotions walk with us too long.  Take off the glasses today.  Share your eyes.  Share your soul.

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