Three reasons you aren’t losing weight.

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The reason we have such a hard time with follow through is actually— other people!   I have often heard that we are really a culmination of our five closest friends.   The people we hang out with, be it friends or family, are the ones we are most influenced by.  It makes sense.  But what happens when we want to try something new or different?  Well they either come with you or they don’t.

Change can seem like a threat sometimes.

As we all know, it’s not uncommon for the people we love to be unsupportive.  Quite often we feel like change would be too difficult because we have to go it alone.  How often have you experienced:


  • Mom would have her feelings hurt if I didn’t have her dessert
  • Just skip the gym this one time and have dinner with us
  • Your partner or spouse says “I’m not eating THAT.”


Of course, I think we have all experienced some variation of this.  And it does lead us astray.   

There are three types of support we need.

  1.  Emotional>  We need someone to lift us up and cheer us on.
  2. Practical>  We need someone to help us with things.   Perhaps you need a friend to watch your kids or your partner to prepare a healthy meal.
  3. Inspirational>  We need the voice of reason to hold us to our promises.


When we don’t have friends and family with us, ultimately we tend to slip back into our old behaviors.

Having your own coach can help.

As a certified health and lifestyle coach, it is my passion to help others achieve their goals.  Love and support is the answer to success.   Life in Harmony is here to serve you.  If you have people in your life, your own coaching structure, go to them today.   Tell them how they can help.   It’s how you thrive.

If you are feeling down that you don’t have those people in your life, you can seek them out and find them.  I am here to help.  Come on in to Life in Harmony.  Share your story with us.   We will encourage you and help you reach your goals.   If you aren’t a member yet, start your free trial today.   Come post on our wall and in our forums.   I am your coach.   Let’s get you on the right track today, and let us give you the support you need to thrive.  

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